52nd National Catalog


The painting Winter’s Kiss is inspired by a photo I took more than 30 years ago and have always wanted to paint. It brings me back to what I love about snow, the way the warm glistening light is captured and how the cool shadows reflect the blue sky on a sunny day. It’s from my backyard near where I used to feed the many birds that would frequent our yard. I always liked to watch the

house sparrows. Here, I placed a single male bird

watching the others in the

distance. I wanted to convey the peaceful beauty of the scene and reflect upon a fond memory. This painting is one of my favorites.

14” x 11” — Oil $1,200

DEBORAH LAFOGG-DOCHERTY • WAOW Associate • FL • www.lafogg.com Docherty is a national and international award-winning artist whose paintings have been in shows and art museums in the US, Europe, Canada and China. Her most recent accomplishment was winning fourth place and honorable mention in the Pastel Journal’s International Top 100 Pastel competition in 2022. She is also a Master Circle recipient with the International Association of Pastel Societies. Her heart is deeply rooted in wild spaces in Florida and she has worked with the South Florida National Parks Trust for many years.


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