52nd National Catalog


10” x 10” — Acrylic $600

Living in Colorado, my husband and I hike all year long. I enjoy the beauty of high elevation hikes, where we get the opportunity to hike above tree line. During the summer months wildflowers bloom: columbine, Indian paintbrush, yarrow, asters and many others grow in the open meadows at the base of the mountains. My painting is a reminder of a hike, completed not so long ago, filled with fields of wildflowers all framed by the Rocky Mountains.

JANICE WRIGHT • WAOW Associate • CO • janicewrightart.com Originally from Western Canada, Janice Wright now calls Arvada, Colorado her home. An Alberta College of Art graduate, Wright worked as a graphic designer for many years. A one-year residence in Europe provided her the opportunity to see paintings that she had only seen in art history books. Profoundly moved, she began to paint in earnest. An avid hiker, she draws upon the landscape around her for inspiration. Janice paints in the studio and en plein air.


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