52nd National Catalog


26” x 13” x 7” — Bronze, ed. of 35 $10,500

Inspiration for this life-size bronze came easily. I spent countless hours as Artist-in-Residence at L'Auberge de Sedona through Goldenstein Gallery. This 3-D wall hanging of a mama Gray Squirrel sculpted life size is scampering down a tree to check on her three babies. They are surrounded by leaves of Sycamore and Oak with a Swallowtail Butterfly playfully watching the scene. Its location next to Oak Creek gave me countless opportunities to view these squirrels climbing up and down the trees where I had set up my sculpting materials. The way that they would climb down head first always amazed me. The three babies are sticking their heads out of their home while their mother has taken a protective stance as a Horned Toad is approaching.

SYRI HALL • WAOW Associate • AZ • www.syrihall.com Syri graduated from Arizona State University with a B.F.A. in Painting and Drawing. She and her husband moved to Sedona, Arizona (Mother Nature’s crowning achievement) shortly after their graduation whereupon Syri landed a job in a bronze foundry. She now has bronzes in several collections in Europe and the U.S. She participated in three Sculpture Walks and Hillside art shows in Sedona and has been in galleries in Jackson Hole, WY; Wickenburg, and Jerome, AZ; Colorado Springs, CO; and Washington, D.C. Syri is an associate member of WAOW, AWA, NSS and OPA.


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