8th National Show Catalog

On the Cover: Laura Pollak, Nautilus

ARIZONA PASTEL ARTISTS ASSOCIATION 8th Annual International Pastel Exhibition & Sale March 10, 2024 - April 23, 2024

The Arizona Pastel Artists Association (APAA) is excited to bring its International Exhibition and Sale to the Phippen Art Museum. The history of pastels dates to the 15th century, with Leonardo da Vinci being attributed to their first use. During the 19th century, pastels were often used in the figurative works of Renoir and Cassatt and in the abstract-surrealist works of Miro and Klee. Degas’ ballerinas represent some of the most widely recognized pastels. Today’s pastel artists explore the versatility of these vibrant, pure pigments using a wide variety of styles and artistic expressions. Pastel paintings are prized for the brilliant color of the medium. The Arizona Pastel Artists Association seeks to inspire and promote its members through demonstrations, workshops, informal competitions, juried shows, as well as public exhibitions. It hosted its first open show seven years ago and quickly grew to include works from the United States, Canada,Europe, Australia and Asia. Founded in 1994, the Arizona Pastel Artists Association today boasts a membership of over 150 artists worldwide. It promotes the pastel medium primarily in Arizona, but also as a part of the international pastel community through its worldwide members and association with the International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS).

Membership in APAA is open to anyone. For more information visit: apaa.wildapricot.org

Message from the Show Chair and President of the Arizona Pastel Artists Association Nori Thorne

We welcome you to the 8 th National Exhibition and Sale--whether you are visiting the show in person at the prestigous Phippen Museum of Western Art in historic Prescott, Ar izona or online. We are thrilled to have been invited back to the Phippen to showcase the remarkable versatility and beauty of eighty pastel paintings from talented pastelists. Phippen Museum of Western Art is named after George Phippen, who was co-founder and first president of the Cowboy Artists of America and is located in the charming and historic town of Prescott. The Phippen Museum’s Permanent Collection holds close to 800 incredible pieces of museum-quality, fine art. Some of their permanent exhibits include two studio replicas, a Western heritage gallery, history of the cowgirl, and an Arizona rancher and cowboy hall of fame. Arizona Pastel Artists Association is one of the top pastel organizations in the country thanks to its talented members and dedicated volunteers. We believe our show is a feast for the eyes, brought to life with the efforts of individual artists and volunteers. Our hardworking “boots on the ground” team worked many long hours to make our National Exhibition a success. We would like to give a special thanks to Jeannette Holverson, Emi Nishikawa, and the amazing staff and volunteers at the Phippen who did all the heavy lifting. We would like to thank our jurors of images, Anna Lisa Leal and Sally Strand for their time and professionalism in jurying eighty exceptional artworks into the show. A special thank you goes to Allen Garns, our juror of awards and workshop provider. He had the daunting task of selecting outstanding pastel works for award recognition. Finally, we would like to thank all of our member and corporate sponsors who supported our national show through a combination of merchandise and cash. All of our members are sponsors since entry fees and membership fees contribute to our ability to provide a substantial awards package. We congratulate all of the pastel artists in the show and thank all artists who submitted entries.

To purchase a painting, please contact the Phippen Museum of Art at 928-778-1385.

Nori Thorne, Show Chair

ARIZONA PASTEL ARTISTS ASSOCIATION 8th Annual International Pastel Exhibition & Sale February 18, 2023 through April 23, 2023

Allen Garns, Judge of Awards Walt Whitman said, ”To me, every hour of the light and dark is a miracle, every cubic inch of space is a miracle.” Expressing and translating these miracles into paintings is one of the great continuing adventures of my life. In my studies at Art Center College of Design, and in museums of the world, I have drawn great inspiration from great artists. They have all informed me of the physical and emotional qualities of light. In each project I am involved with, I try to invest my paintings with a specific sense of light to establish form, describe space, and evoke emotion.

Allen Garns, Head Study

Allen Garns, Lunch Truck

ARIZONA PASTEL ARTISTS ASSOCIATION 8th Annual International Pastel Exhibition & Sale February 18, 2024 through April 23, 2024

Awards Reception March 23, 2024

Congratulations to our Juried Artists

Tony Allain Frozen Puddles 12 x 16, $2100

Joanne Agostinelli Jenny 8x 10, $400

Barbara Archer-Baldwin Red Teapot and Berries 9 x 12, $600


Dodie Ballantine His Vivacious Life, Lost at 26 15 x 20, $1900

Janis Barrett Me and My Bunny 11 x 14, $800


Carol Lei Bendell Charming Boy 20 x 16, $3800

Barbara Benstein Campfire Glow 16 x 12, $800


Gary Binder Just Look Up 14 x 11, $500

Laura Black Approaching Storm 12 x 18, $535


Lin Boucher Shade Parking 16 x 20, $1400

Robert Burgheimer Bubble Trouble 16 x 20, $1200


Beverly Carlson-Bradshaw Yellow Fields 9 x 12, $395

Debborah Charboneau Aspen Song 20 x 24, $900


Lorenzo Chavez Tsegi 14 x 22, $3,500

Michele Corsini In the Golden Hour 20 x 25, $1400


Alison Crary Superstition Shadows 12 x 16, $650

Linda Curtis Down By the River 11 x 14, $660


Christine Debrosky Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 24 x 20, $2850

Carol DeGregory Lotus Flower in the Moonlight 17 x 12, $400


Pamela DeLay Along Woodland Lake 24 x 18, $1900


Lyn Delano My Yellowstone Adventures 11 x 14, $450

Kris Domier Squash Blossom 11 x 14, $650


Patricia Duncan A Walk in the Woods 12 x 9, $595

Tal Dvir En Plein Air 18 x 24, $1900


Dianne Dykstra Kids 12 x 14, $500

Linda Eelkema Formation 12 x 16, $795


Diane Fechenbach Guardian of Souls 11 x 14, $950

Ted Fuka Natural Access 12 x 18, $1500


Tatsiana Harbacheuskaya Sunflowers on a Turquoise Tablecloth 18 x 18, $950

Jean Hildebrant Sunset Solitude 24 x 18, $2595


Karen Horne Still Life, Sunlight 19 x 14, $1650

Kathy Howard Navajo Land 9 x 12, $1350


Debbie Hughbanks Inquisitive 18 x 16, $1100

Katherine Irish Dreams 12 x 18, $875


Becky Johnson Winter Road 6.75 x 9.75, $475

Janet Johnson Desert Palms 24 x 18, $1200


Annie Jones High in the Hemlocks 12 x 9, $525

Helena Johnson Summer Glory 9 x 12, $450


Jim Kallenbach Mythical Flight 22 x 22, $4800

Tricia Kaman Emily 20 x 16, $1200


Kenneth Keith Grand Canyon Sunset 18 x 24, $2400


Liz Kenyon Sweet and Sour 8 x 12, $850

Jana Kohutiarova Birth of an Artist 9.5 x 9.5, $850


Cosette Kosiba Beyond the Tree Line 18 x 12, $625

Paula Kuehl Joe Pye Weed 21 x 18, $300


Linda Mathues Lotus Pool Reflections 16 x 16, $995

Betsy Menand Colorado River at Knowles Overlook 24 x 36, $2500


Nancie King Mertz Giverny Roses 12 x 16, $1400

Christine Mikesell-Bidwell Bittersweet Tree at Sunset 16 x 20, $2500


Juanita Nelson Animas Cliffs 12 x 12, $1000

Fran Odum Catching a Ride 10 x 20, $950


Christine Obers Beshad, Best Horse Ever! 10 x 8, $1000


Peggy Orbon Mountain Sunrise 16 x 12, $750

Rich Orbon Alley 14 x 11, $550


Rachel Pearson Endurance 16 x 20, $650


Judy Pechur Inspiration Point 12 x 9, $425

Laura Pollak Nautilus 16 x 12, $1760


Judy Quimby Hiking Into the “Jewel” 13.75 x 17.75, $600

Suzanne Riley Verde River Cottonwood 28 x 22, $1200


Jane Robbins Tripping the Light Fantastic 16 x 12, $1100

Cheri Saffro Rum and Coke 9 x 13, $2000


William Schneider There’s A Place for Us 24 x 18, $3950

Melody Sears Meandering 12 x 16, $700


Kathleen Shy Vase With Leaves, Berries and Shells 11 x 13, $900

Kevin Simpson End of a Season 12 x 15, $950


Carol Strock Wasson Eclipsed Light 16 x 12, $800


Nancy Smyth Zebra 16 x 12, $1200

Ruthann Stoner Heading Out to the Night Pasture 12 x 16, $975


Karen Sullivan An Evening Moment 11 x 6.5, $225

Audre Tagtmeyer Colorado Stream 8 x 11, $300


Nori Thorne American Rodeo 16 x 20 $1,000

Jude Tolar Marigold Glow 14 x 11, $700


Burneta Venosdel Two of A Kind 9.5 x 9.5, $1100

Sarah Watts Cathedral Reflections 16 x 20, $1800


Judy Wegenast Early Morning Commute 16 x 24, $1000

Jeanne Wellins Sierra Lupines 20 x 16, $1200


Steve Yancy Winter of 42nd Street 14.5 x 18.5, $325

Kristine Zinkgraf Lavender Punch 9 x 12 $250


Suzette Young Mohave Popcorn Flower 24 x 18, $1200



Member Sponsors Sharon and Allan Frey Past President’s Award Patti Hagan Eleanor B. Coble Figurative Excellence Award Nori Thorne, President’s Award of Excellence Mary Ann Cherry Award of Excellence Janis Barrett Award of Realism Christine Debrosky Landscape Excellence

Central Massachusetts Pastel Society Art of the West Award of Excellence Anonymous Donors

Tatsiana Harbacheuskaya Sunflowers on a Turquoise Tablecloth


Proud sponsor of the Arizona Pastel Artists Association

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Waiting to Dance, Nori Thorne July/August 2023



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