APAA 2023 National Exhibition

ARIZONA PASTEL ARTISTS ASSOCIATION 7th Annual International Pastel Exhibition & Sale February 18, 2023 through April 23, 2023

Message from the Show Chair and President of the Arizona Pastel Artists Association, Nori Thorne and Sharon Frey We welcome you to the 7th National Exhibition and Sale--whether you are visiting the show in person at the prestigous Phippen Museum of Western Art in historic Prescott, Arizona or online. We are thrilled to have been invited back to the Phippen to showcase the remarkable versatility and beauty of pastel from 80 talented pastelists. Phippen Museum of Western Art is named after George Phippen, who was co-founder and first president of the Cowboy Artists of America and is located in the charming and historic town of Prescott. The Phippen Museum’s Permanent Collection holds close to 800 incredible pieces of museum-quality, fine art. Some of their permanent exhibits include two studio replicas, a Western heritage gallery, history of the cowgirl, and an Arizona rancher and cowboy hall of fame. Arizona Pastel Artists Association is one of the top pastel organizations in the country thanks to its talented members and dedicated volunteers. We believe our show is a feast for the eyes, brought to life with the efforts of individual artists and volunteers. Our hardworking “boots on the ground” team worked many long hours to make our National Exhibition a success. We would like to give a special thanks to the Jeannine Holverson, Neal McEwan and the amazing staff and volunteers at the Phippen who did all the heavy lifting. We would like to thank our jurors of images, Colette Odya Smith and Andrew McDermott for their time and professionalism in jurying 80 exceptional artworks into the show. A special thank you goes to Natasha Isenhour, our juror of awards and workshop provider. She had the daunting task of selecting outstanding pastel works for award recognition. Finally, we would like to thank all of our sponsors who supported our national show through a combination of merchandise and cash. All of our members are sponsors since entry fees and membership fees contribute to our ability to provide a substantial awards package.

The Arizona Pastel Artists Association (APAA) was founded by a group of Arizona artists on May 2, 1994, in Phoenix, Arizona and incorporated in 1997. It operates as a charitable 501C (4) Social Organization. APAA is currently a member of the International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS). The Arizona Pastel Artists Association endeavors to promote artistic creativity, art appreciation, and to offer instructional aid and outreach to interested artists through meetings, seminars, workshops and art exhibits. APAA exists specifically to promote the medium of pastel through its operations, stewardship and community activity. APAA operates as a non-profit entity. Funding sources include, but are not limited to member dues, show proceeds, workshops and donations. APAA uses these funds to provide Arizona-based show opportunities, workshops and programs. APAA promotes the pastel medium primarily in Arizona, but also as part of the affiliated international pastel community through its association with the International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS). Membership is open to anyone with an interest in sharing the vision of APAA and its members.

Sharon Frey President

We congratulate all of the pastel artists in the show and thank all artists who submitted entries.

To purchase a painting, please contact the Phippen Museum of Art at 928-778-1385.

Nori Thorne, Show Chair Sharon Frey, President

On the Cover: Linda Curtis, Afternoon Meditation

ARIZONA PASTEL ARTISTS ASSOCIATION 8th Annual International Pastel Exhibition & Sale February 18, 2023 through April 23, 2023

Natasha Isenhour, Judge of Awards

American Realist Natasha Isenhour conveys her emotional response to landscape, architecture, and still-life both in oil and pastel. From a distance a first impression is the realistic feeling of the work, but a closer look reveals a contemporary edge where her mark-making controls the impressions of mass and delicacy. Isenhour served as faculty for the 2022 Plein Air Convention and Expo. In 2023 she will participate in her third year at the Borrego Springs Plein Air Invitational in California where she was honored with People’s Choice. Isenhour teaches regularly at the historic Ghost Ranch in northern New Mexico and spends one month a year on the ranch in residency. In 2019, Isenhour was awarded Best Pastel in Plein Air Salon, won Best in Show at the Central City Plein Air Festival and earned the Holbein Award in the Pastel Society of Southern California’s Make Your Mark International Online Exhibition. In October 2021, Isenhour was featured in Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine as one of their Five to Watch, and in 2020 she was featured in a six-page spread in the July/August Art of the West Magazine, Emotionally Engaged. An article co-featuring Isenhour, Why Pastel is Perfect for Plein Air in September’s Plein Air Magazine was also published in 2020.

Joanne Agostinelli Rolling Thunder 13 x 13, $975

Ree Altaville Hidden Gems in the Abyss 11 x 14, $350

Red Rocks Plein Air Festival, Moab Utah


Barbara Benstein Morning Sunshine 14 x 11, $800

Dodie Ballantine The Innocents 16 x 20, $1300

Janice Barrett Teamwork 16 x 20, $1200

Gary Binder The Test of Time 11 x 14, $400



Carol Lei Bendell Westward Skyview 12 x 16, $1950

Sandra Burke Farmal 26 x 20, $800

Lin Boucher Social Distance 16 x 20, $1500



Linda Curtis Afternoon Meditation 11 x 14, $680

Laura Black Colorado Trail 16 x 12, $585

Debborah Charboneau Shadows on the Path 20 x 24, $900

Christine Debrosky Just a Big Ol’ Mesquite 20 x 44, $2450



Carol DeGregory Squirrel in the Snow 8 x 10, $270

Kristine Domier Good Guy in a Black Hat 11 x 14, $650

Kathe Drake Kinder Chaos 25 x 20, $1800

Pamela DeLay Late Afternoon, Northern California 11 x 14, $925



Patricia Duncan Sacred Grounds 11 x 14, $750

Dorothy Dooley Blue Magic 12 x 18, $975

Elena Eros Le Pointe 24 x 24, $2500



Beth Franco Heading in a New Direction 12 x 16, $1600

Diane Fechenbach Bear Lake Blues 28 x 15, $1200

Allan Frey Portrait of the Artist with Coffee Cup 16 x 12, $350



Sharon Frey Eureka Wetlands 12 x 16, $500

Anne Gee Sunflowers 9.5 x 7.5, $490

Tatsiana Harbacheuskaya Blue Kettle 12 x 16, $950

Ted Fuka March Melt 12 x 16, $1100



John Heckman Julian 9 x 12, $400

Kelly Hine Carpinteria Marsh at Sunset 12 x 16, $1200

Jean Hildebrandt Searching for the Stray 18 x 16, $1750

Kathy Howard Morning Reflections 12 x 16, $2395



Dasha Jamison Red Hour 21 x 21, $1400

Katherine Irish Soul’s Reverberation 24 x 18, $1800

Becky Johnson New Mexico Evening 5.25 x 8.75, $800



Janet Johnson My Little Tin Burro 20 x 12, $625

Jim Kallenbach Observer 22 x 22, $4500

Annie Jones Grain Elevator Road 12 x 16, $525

Ken Keith Lake Taneycomo 12 x 16, $950



Liz Kenyon Embers 11 x 9, $700

Paula Kuhl Daily Field 29 x 14, $300

Cosette Kosiba Dissolving Into Light 12 x 12, $325

Leila Langston Nostalgia in Pink 12 x 9, $320



Kathleen Lawrence-Davis From Over the Hill 10 x 8, $625

Jody Martin Promise of Spring 20 x 25, $1250

Terri Lewis Midnight Traveler 14 x 18, $600

Reneé Marz Mullis Summer’s Whites 18 x 24, $925



Gina Murrow Rejoice in Trouble 5 x 7, $140

Nancy King Mertz Strut 13 x 17, $1500

Clark Mitchell Late Snow on San Jacinto 27 x 19, $3900

Juanita Nelson Just Hanging 12 x 16, $900



Peggy Orbon Storm Clouds 16 x 20, $950

Fran Odum-Craig Back in the Saddle Again 6.5 x 8, $400

Shannon O’Dunn Devil’s Thumb Afternoon 12 x 9, $650

Rich Orbon Winter Sunset 11 x 14, $450



Carolyn Parker Pathway to the Sun 12 x 9, $700

Judy Pechur Lake McDonald 9 x 12, $275

Rachel Pearson Still Life With Onions 8 x 10, $300

Sergei Pietila Visiting Laurence 27 x 28, $2000



Peggy Davidson Post Sea Cliffs 12 x 18, $1750

Jane Robbins The Approach 12 x 16, $850

B.F. Reed Sphere With Black Vase 16 x 20, $1200

William Schneider Rhapsody in Blue 20 x 16, $3250



Joel Sobelson Western Skies 15 x 20, $1500

Melody Sears Sunlight and Showers 9 x 12, $400

Nancy Smyth Noble 16 x 20, $1500

Judy Stanger Lake Placid High Peaks 24 x 28 x 14, $575



Ginny Stocker Curtain Call 11 x 14, $1350

Nori Thorne Rider on the Storm 16 x 20 $1,000

Audre Tagtmeyer On the Vine 9 x 12, $350

Jude Tolar Iris in Abstraction 12 x 9, $600



Lorraine Trenholm Delayed Flights 10 x 16, $700

Carol Strock Wasson Light From Above 16 x 12, $900

Burneta Venosdel Sunday Spa Day 11 x 14, $925

Please visit our website at APAA.wildapricot.org



Jeanne Wellins Trailride 30 x 14 $1500

Sarah Watts Reverie 21 x 22, $7000

Judy Wenegast Besties 14 x 18, $575

Sharon Will Florida Nocturne 16 x 12, $1250



Steve Yancy The White Vase 11 x 14, $925

Suzette Young Holey Sycamore 11.5 x 15.5, $450




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