52nd National Catalog


16” x 20” — Watercolor $1,200

While traveling the country with my husband and three cats, we often stayed months at a time volunteer ing and living at various parks. Our favorite was Palo Duro Canyon State Park in the Texas Panhandle. The Mesquite campground was temporarily shut down so we shared it only with the coyotes, raccoons, and horned toads. Every evening we watched the sun set over this long view of the canyon. The setting sun intensified the colors of the canyon walls into unbelievable shades of red, pink, gold, and purple. This painting expresses not only the colors but the quiet solitude of a land awaiting the coolness of night.

LESLIE WHITE • WAOW Associate • TX • www.trailheadstudios.com Leslie is from the border region of the Rio Grande Valley where a wealth of cultural traditions abound. She has also lived in places as diverse as Idaho, Malawi, Montana, and Oklahoma. During Covid, she lived the nomadic life in her RV. That time revealed the sharp contrast between unsettling times and the enduring restorative character of nature. White’s art, while acknowledging the very real despair that inhabits our times, also expresses hope and peace.


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