52nd National Catalog


12” x 16” — Oil $1,200

Lake Merritt is a beautiful oasis of sparkling water and green parkland right in the middle of the large metropolis of Oakland, CA. Strolling the lawns and walkways surrounding the lake, you’re likely to encounter multiple clusters of resident ducks and geese dozing, waddling, and swimming. The geese in particular like to sail in flotillas around a small island just offshore. I was lucky enough to get a beautiful shot of them rounding the island’s corner and I knew instantly that I would turn it into a painting.

NANETTE BIERS • WAOW Associate • CA • www.nanettebiers.com After a successful 30-year career as a nationally-recognized commercial illustrator, in 2009 Nanette Biers shifted the focus of her career to creating fine art paintings, primarily landscapes depicting West Marin’s hills and ranches as well as other California locales. She also began painting en plein air, adding a new source of excitement to her work. Over the past ten years she has been juried into many prestigious group shows, often alongside nationally recognized painters, and has won a variety of awards.


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