52nd National Catalog


The gear of the vaquero has always fascinated me. It is a functional art form passed down through centuries. From the bridle and bit to the reins and saddle, the traditional vaquero gear is made by hand and is a work of art in and of itself. In this pencil drawing, I feature a close-up of a bridle horse’s face highlighting the details of his sterling adorned bridle, his braided rawhide bosal with a horsehair mecate rope and his sterling silver spade bit. I loved the challenge of capturing each form and texture and hopefully have honored this rich and beautiful tradition. The drawing is created on hot pressed watercolor panel which has been coated in multiple layers of a special acrylic spray to protect it.

40” x 30” — Cretacolor Nero Pencil $7,900

MARIA D’ANGELO • WAOW Associate • NJ • www.mariadangelo.com New Jersey artist, Maria D’Angelo has been a professional artist for over 15 years. She works in several mediums including pencil, her favorite by far, and oil, always with the desire to communicate the emotions and energy of her subjects through fine details. She specializes in horses but also captures birds, wildlife and figures on paper and canvas. She enjoys creating custom portrait commissions of pets and people.


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