52nd National Catalog


16” x 20” — Acrylic $1,950

To me there are few creatures more captivating than a wolf. Once hunted almost to extinction, the timber wolf is making a comeback due mostly to our increased understanding of their vital role in the health of our ecology. My series of wolf paintings are a tribute to this amazing breed. My images are my personal, artistic interpretation of the natural world and I like them to be clear and descriptive. In this particular painting, I wished to capture the big male’s inscrutable expression. He was staring at me for the longest time and I was able to catch the look in his eye. I was glad to have a long lens as I did not wish to get any closer!

LAARA CASSELLS • WAOW Associate • ALBERTA • www.laaracassellsart.com Laara Cassells is a contemporary Canadian painter best known for her representational paintings and portraits. Laara has exhibited paintings, drawings and sculptures in Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, South Korea, Poland, Switzerland and across the USA and Canada. Over the past twelve years her award-winning work has been shown in over 120 juried and invitational exhibitions worldwide.


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