52nd National Catalog


It’s wild and powerful, but calm, gentle, and wise. When I’m happy, it appears in a fragile fog below my feet. When I’m sad or scared, I see its illusion in a distant dark sky or carved in hard stone. It follows and watches me everywhere I go, feeds my passion and captures my imagination – it’s my own Phantom! The Phantom painting was created in my own “mottled” technique and is one of my “Mottled Horses” series.

12” x 9” — Acrylic $650

IWONA JANKOWSKI • WAOW Associate • TX • www.IwonaJankowski.com Iwona Jankowski was born in Gdańsk, Poland where she graduated from the School of Visual Arts in Gdynia. In 1982, Iwona moved to the United States continuing her art education as a computer graphic artist. In 2004, she decided to pursue a full-time career in fine art. Today she lives in beautiful Magnolia, Texas. Iwona’s fascination with horses began at an early age and continues to inform her art. Iwona’s style merges abstract expressionism with a touch of realism and leaves the rest for her viewer’s imagination to create a unique picture.


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